To offer an exceptional educational environment that develops compassionate, ethical and global citizens who are equipped to achieve their potential in education, work and life.


  • To prepare students for an ever changing and challenging world.
  • To instil in them a passion for learning and a spirit of inquiry that integrates practical and intellectual perspectives.
  • To help students grow into responsive and responsible global citizens.
  • To foster in them respect and care towards others and the environment.
  • To provide the school community an environment which is a blend of universal values, pedagogy and innovation.


  • July 20, 2019 by

    Dear Parents, Welcome to DPS International. We at DPSI keep the child at the core and believe in educating for life. It’s a journey together for you, the child and me. As a team, much of our strength will come from the level of trust we will build over the years and the combined effort towards the… Read more

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